Sunday, December 30, 2012

Preface to "Light on Eternal Life"

   From the time I first learned to read (which was not all that long ago) I opened to the Gospel of John, and soon after began to memorize the first verses.  It has always been a special book to me, probably because it presents such an intimate perspective of my Savior.  It is a book of personal interviews, and one who gives it honest, concentrated study cannot help but feel as though he has had a personal encounter with Christ.
This book is comprised of expository messages that I was privileged to preach in two churches, Maranatha Baptist of Phillips, Wisconsin, and Wild Rose Baptist, also in Wisconsin.  So far they seemed to have survived, and they were very gracious to give me encouragement during the long series.
The concept of a “Devotional Commentary,” at least in my mind, is a commentary that goes beyond informing its readers to challenging them.  “Devotional” means “used in worship.”  While these messages were delivered in worship services originally, hopefully they can now be a part of the private Bible study and worship of individuals or small groups.
The perspective employed in these pages is that of a Baptist Fundamentalist.  Hopefully, though, above all else, this teaching has come from the Word of God and has remained true to it.  The reader will also notice that this is a strongly evangelistic commentary which, I believe, is a direct reflection of the thrust of this gospel.  You might say it is the gospel gospel!  Let me encourage readers who already know Jesus as their Savior to make good use of the many different approaches and appeals to lost souls.

Dr. Gordon Scott Jones   Kenosha, Wisconsin

I am self-publishing this 234 page book, copies are available for $7 
+ shipping.  Order via email.  Lord willing "Light on Foundations" a devotional commentary on Genesis will be available this year.

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